Woman behind profane Trump sticker does it again

The woman who caused controversy with a profane sticker about President Trump has done it again. And this time her target was closer to home. Much closer to home.

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Karen Fonseca, the woman who had an “F Donald Trump and F you for voting for him’ sticker on her pickup now has a second sticker with the same message targeting Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls. This came after Fonseca was arrested late last week for an unrelated fraud charge.

As for Nehls, he told Houston’s Morning News on KTRH the latest shot didn’t surprise him at all.

“She seems to be very proud of your behavior,” Nehls told Jimmy Barrett and Shara Fryer.

He also says this has led him to ask bigger questions about society in general.

“What direction is the arrow pointing today? It’s just a sad state of affairs. Our country is at a moral decline,” Nehls stated.

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As for his thoughts on Fonseca?

“She certainly is receiving her 15 minutes of fame. I almost believe it’s 15 minutes of shame,” Nehls explained.

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