Gun Rights Supporters warn about biased Polls

In the wake of mass shootings in Las Vegas and Texas, background checks for gun buys are at an all-time high. A new poll says 95% of Americans support universal background checks. But gun rights activists say these types of polls are biased.

The Quinnipiac University poll claims to show Americans want a lot more gun control.

"This survey strikes me as bogus because nothing in America gets a 95 to 4 response, especially guns."

Author Alan Korwin of says the polls are misleading because of their timing and because they don't ask the right questions, like this one:

"If the background checks stopped innocent people from getting guns would you support it? Then they would never get a 95 to 4 response."

Korwin says the Quinnipiac poll is designed to fool you.

"People who want to take guns away from America run these polls right after a tragedy hoping to get better responses. If they ran these polls in any kind of scientific way they'd do it without a tragedy in the background so they could get a more realistic response."

Korwin says background checks are security theater; they don't stop criminals and they make it pointlessly harder for the law abiding to purchase guns.

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