Preparing Our Web of Early-Exit Excuses

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to deceive.”

We’re making our plans for Thanksgiving and the holidays to follow, and that planning should include the excuse you’ll give to duck out early.

52% of Americans admit to creating some reason to leave the party early so they can avoid uncomfortable sleeping arrangements.

 INTEX, a manufacturer of inflatable beds, did a survey and found 62% of respondents complain of being relegated to an uncomfortable couch, while 44% say they’ve had to curl up in a sleeping bag on the floor.

 KTRH did our own impromptu survey and found pets are the most popular reason for leaving early.

“The best would be I have to take care of my pets.”            

“I have a puppy, so my excuse is to say I have to go let him out.”

“The dog. She’s always my excuse to get out of anything.”

“I have to pack for a trip.”

“I have to take care of the children.”

“I say I have other places to be.”

“I have to be somewhere else.”

One woman said she would listen for the story on KTRH for ideas. 

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