What is worrying the stock market?

The stock market has been setting record after record over the last year, but there is something going on that might be concerning it.

Houston certified financial planner Richard Rosso says part of that something has to do with things going on overseas.

“When China weakens, or looks like it is weakening, the U.S. listens,” Rosso stated.

Rosso says the market is also nervous about tax reform and what happens now that the Senate is trying to hammer out a plan.

So, with all of that coming together are we in for a correction to the markets? Rosso isn't going that far.

“I would call this a hiccup. For the most part stocks are still in a long term trend. But as soon as the volatility picks up a little bit we make a big deal about it,” Rosso explained, adding that we need more data and more of a downturn before we can say something like that.

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