Christmas Music Starts on Sunny 99.1 FM

In Houston the holiday tradition includes non-stop, around the clock Christmas music, provided each year by iHeartRadio Houston’s Sunny 99.1 FM.

Morning Show host Dana Tyson says this year the requests came early. “It can’t come soon enough,” she tells NewsRadio 740 KTRH.  “After Harvey, people just want something they know.”

It’s that comfort and familiarity that sweeps over us every time we hear Bing Crosby singing about dreams of a white Christmas or Bruce Springsteen puts out the word of a new visitor in town.

“Many people will not be having Thanksgiving in their homes, so they ask, ‘please, just bring the Christmas music.’  Something familiar,” says Tyson.

Santa Claus will flip the switch to begin the Houston holiday tradition this afternoon at three.

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