Will a new TV Standard allow Advertisers to stalk You?

Whether you realize it or not, a big standard change is coming to American TVs. ATSC 3.0 promises new and better features -- but some of those features have privacy activists up in arms.

The marriage of TV and the Internet is welcomed by many.

"Better picture quality, immersive audio, a mix of television with the Internet -- something we call Hybrid TV -- to give you features and all kinds of new information you'd like to see on television."

Advocates like Dave Arland say it'll bring live TV to your car.

"A big feature of ATSC 3.0 is mobility; we wanna be able to give drivers of cars of the future more information to make that drive safely and back seat passengers will be able to watch live television -- over the air -- while someone else is driving."

But privacy activists say advertisers will be able to track you to your TV the way they now track you to your web browser. The FCC is scheduled to vote on the new standard today.

Groups like the Consumers Union want privacy protection built into the FCC's rules, but what they're voting on today reportedly doesn't mention privacy.

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