Sexual harassment claims grow from DC to Austin

The allegations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore have led to reports of other instances of sexual harassment on Capitol Hill. There have also been reports of it in the Texas Legislature.

One report says in Washington there's a 'creep list' of lawmakers. And in Austin, reports say it takes place in the legislature. This has led Republican State Rep Linda Koop to tell an Austin TV station she wants new protocols in place.

“I was a little bit surprised to hear people say that even though they knew there were protocols they didn’t know what the guidelines were,” Koop said.

So are lawmakers as bad as the Hollywood types we've been hearing about?

“I don’t think it ranks up with some of the behavior I’ve seen coming out of Hollywood, which is off the charts crazy,” explained Austin political analyst Bill Miller

Miller also talked to KTRH about why women who may be victimized are not coming forward.

“If you’re going to kill the kind you better kill the king. You don’t want to warn the king. You do so at your own peril,” Miller said.

And there's this; $15 Million in taxpayer money has been paid out to settle Congressional sexual harassment suits over the last 15 years

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