POLL: Trump sticker causes controversy in Fort Bend County

A Fort bend County driver is raising eyebrows among her fellow commuters, and the sticker on her truck has even drawn the attention of the local sheriff.

The whole thing started when Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls went on Facebook with a picture of the sticker, which said "F Trump and F You for voting for him." Nehls says he was concerned about the potential for conflict

“If a person gets offended, and all of a sudden you get screaming and yelling. Then the police get called. Now you have a breach of the peace, and that’s what something like this could lead to.

Our TV Partner, Channel 2, actually found the driver of the truck. Karen Forsenca says the whole thing becoming a big deal surprises her to no end.

“I think it’s crazy. It’s been on there for almost eleven months,” Forsenca stated.

Forsenca, a mother of 12, says she and her husband stand by the sticker, and doesn’t understand why Sheriff Nehls didn't contact her as opposed to posting it on Facebook.

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