POLL: Giving up gift giving

A new online survey shows a majority of people would give up gift-giving for the holidays.

Nearly 69 percent, that’s about seven out of every 10 people, said they'd give up coughing up money for presents for their friends and family.

“If we do something else as opposed to that-maybe volunteering or do something in nature, then yeah, I’m for it,” said one woman.

“It’s kind of a family tradition. I mean, I can’t really imagine my family doing that, but if that’s what they want to do, then sure,” said one man.

“I spend on my son, that’s the only reason, outside of that, yeah, I’d skip,” said another man.

“No, because I think during the holiday season, it’s good to be in that spirit of giving,” said a different man.

“Absolutely!” said one other man.

The majority of men we spoke to actually preferred to give gifts.

All the Houstonians we spoke with, however, would not want to give up their time with loved ones.

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