Hop, skip, jump out of jobs

It's no longer a career killer if you have several different jobs in a short time. Milennials are being accused of job hopping. But, experts say it's good for everyone to get out of being stuck in a dead-end job.

Culture architect Daren Martin says the problem isn't millennials, it's that we're operating on an archaic system of loyalty and that's not the society we live in anymore.

“With that former mindset, you wanted to build up resume, ‘I was 20 years with XYZ Company’, I think in many ways today that’s almost viewed as a negative,” said Martin.

Martin said employers need to realize, people will leave when there's something better. And, no one should stay in a job where they're not happy. Employers need to do their best to attract and KEEP employees.

“Culture is king, but it’s never been more important than now. And, if companies really want to attract and retain the top talent, they have to create an environment where people are engaged, that they feel really proud of,” said Martin.

He said companies who treat people like owners, will attract people with an owner-mentality, as well as the top talent.

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