Good Guys with Guns Ignored by Feds, Media

A new analysis shows the FBI during the Obama administration underreported the number of instances where an armed citizen took down a would-be killer in public.

Stephen Willeford has been praised for stopping the Sutherland Springs church shooter, but there have been at least a dozen other heroes dating back to March of 2012 who have been ignored or forgotten.

“The good guy with the gun stopping the bad guy with the gun and only the bad guy got hurt, that doesn't sell as well as dozens of people got massacred at a concert,” says David Amad, vice president of Open Carry Texas.

Amad says nearly every mass shooting ends with someone firing back -- either a citizen or police officer.

“Harsh language and bleeding hearts don't get it done,” he says.  “Lead flying in the bad guy's direction does.  Period.”

He says the stats don't lie when it comes to how mass shootings other deadly crimes are ultimately resolved.

“When you're in line at the grocery store and some jackass comes in and starts shooting, daddy government and the law is not there to protect you.  You have to protect yourself.”

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