Support Shrinking for DACA Amnesty Plan

As Congress nears a decision on DACA amnesty, a recent poll shows less than one-third of Americans find that allowing illegal alien children to stay in the U.S. is a top priority.

Months ago, more than half of Democrats believed allowing 800,000 so-called “Dreamers” to stay in the country was the most important issue.  Now that number is 44 percent.  Only 19 percent of Republicans believe it is.

“With everything else going on on Capitol Hill this is one of those issues that has sort of taken a backseat even though it has some deadlines approaching on it,” says Eli Yokley, a political reporter with Morning Consult.

Support for amnesty for DACA illegal aliens has dropped 10 points among Americans since it was announced the program would end next March.

Dems will have to give in on some of President Trump's immigration policies in order for Republicans to attach it to the spending bill.

“If Democrats want to see so-called Dreamers protected, they're probably going to have to give in on something like border wall funding or E-Verify if they want Republicans to pay ball,” says Yokley.

Up to 3.3 million illegal aliens are eligible for possible amnesty.

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