Hannity listeners hit back at advertisers

There is boycott backlash after KTRH’s Sean Hannity loses sponsors like Keurig and Realtor.com, and it’s all over the political war concerning Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Hannity says Keurig was drawn into the fight unwittingly, and he is calling for a ‘cease fire’ to the boycott.

For their part, Keurig says they will continue to advertise on both conservative and liberal networks, adding the move to pull commercials from the show was done “outside company protocols.”

Hannity, during his show on Monday, told KTRH listeners it was a smear campaign started by Media Matters for America.

“They are the number one, anti-free speech, pro censorship group in America today,” Hannity said.

In the meantime the Moore controversy is still brewing. There has been a growing call amongst Republican leaders in the Senate for Moore to get out of the race.

Both Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn have withdrawn their endorsements of Moore.

Cruz says Moore should either “come forward with a strong persuasive rebuttal demonstrating the accusations are untrue” or step aside.

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