Crooks have new ways to attack Your Computer and Phone

New malware changes your Google search results to make the top results malicious links.  Those links lead to files with viruses.

Computer security expert Robert Siciliano says it's natural to quickly click the top results in a Google search.

"They may manipulate that search query in a way that the results that show up in the first page of search are infected."

Siciliano says you're prompted to download a Word document and enable macros.

"Those macros are a variable that can be infected, meaning that once you download that Word document an executable could potentially launch on your machine, that executable meaning a virus."

Siciliano says you have to be vigilant about updating Windows and Office.

iPhone users don't worry much about viruses but there are apps that are infected with the so-called Eavesdropper bug. Siciliano says it highlights the need to update your apps and update to the latest version of iOS.

"The only solution here would be to make sure you are updating and upgrading your device's operating system along with making sure you have the latest version of the app."

Siciliano says the app developers made a mistake in the coding, allowing your personal information to be exposed to criminals.

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