Bannon: We’re a nation of citizens not immigrants

We’ve heard liberals say many times that we are a ‘nation of immigrants.’ But Breitbart’s Steve Bannon has a response for that, and it’s one that’s making people think.

And that answer comes in a new book just released about Bannon, "Always the Rebel.' Bannon says we're a ‘nation of citizens’ not a ‘nation of immigrants.’ Michael Johns, co-founder of the US Tea Party movement, agrees.

“The rights of citizenship, the benefits of citizenship, and the decisions that are made on U.S. immigration policy always should place citizen of the United States first and foremost,” Johns explained.

David Ray with the Federation for American Immigration Reform says that it actually goes beyond ‘nation of citizens.’

“We are a nation of Americans, not a nation of immigrants. We happen to be the children of immigrants. But we’ve all come together and we share a common heritage, language and belief,” Ray said.

And this is why both Johns and FAIR believe we should have a merit based immigration system as opposed to what exists now.

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