FBI still can’t get into church shooter’s phone

The FBI has the phone that belonged to Sutherland Springs Church shooter Devin Kelley, but can’t unlock it. This means an old debate could very well be re-ignited.

That debate is over privacy. Even though the Apple has offered to try to help the FBI in this case, they have refused in the past. Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls told KTRH law enforcement has other options to use.

“We have sent phones out to private companies in the past, but that can cost you anywhere between two and four thousand dollars,” Nehls explained.

But what would happen if one of the victims was related to an executive from one of these companies? Nehls says that's a good point. But there's another issue; the phone technology itself.

“These operating systems on these phones change almost on an annual basis,” Nehls stated.

Like the new facial recognition software on the iPhone X. Or Touch ID. Experts now say you don't have to be alive to unlock your phone. Your fingerprint could be used even after you die to do that.

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