Library of Congress Wants YOUR Story

With many military families getting together this Veterans Day, the US Library of Congress is asking for volunteers to sit down and record an oral history with the veteran in their family.  

Retired Army Col. Karen Lloyd says that audio recording will be made available for future generations online and at the Library of Congress itself:

"We'll have families listen to the oral histories that they have previously submitted of their family members, so that if someone has passed away they'll get to hear their grandfathers or their uncles or their dad's voice again, really talking about what they did." 

Families also are urged to submit photographs, letters or printed emails and other artifacts:

"...Reach out to the veterans in their lives, and really start that conversation and gather up those letters; gather up those original photographs and send them to us so we don't lose their service and their record of their service - and really the human side of that service." 

Col. Lloyd says the library is offering kits on how to record your veterans' story, suggested questions and a list of items they're looking for.

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