Berry Honors Vets with Impromptu Parade

The City of Houston isn't holding a Veteran's Day parade today, so KTRH personality Michael Berry has decided to throw one at 6:00 tonight at the Redneck Country Club on West Airport in Stafford.

"Everyone can come; they can be in the parade, or stand on the side and cheer for the veterans - it doesn't matter.  The point is to tell our veterans that we love 'em and we never forget to remember them... There will be all sorts of veterans group, car clubs, you name it.  It's just going to be an opportunity for us to cheer for the veterans, because these folks made a huge sacrifice.  And the most important thing we can do is remember it."

Mattress Mack is going to be the grand marshal and tells our TV partner KPRC Channel-W we should all do something today to honor veterans."I think every one of us - whether we're seven-years old, 70, or 90-years old - knows a veteran.  Just go up and say 'thank you for your service.'"  

The parade route will loop around West Airport Blvd.   Those who wish to take part should arrive at the Redneck Country Club by 5:00.  The parade kicks offf at 6:00.

Tune into Michael Berry weekday mornings at 8:00, and again at 5:00pm.

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