Texans Face Tough Road Test in LA

The Houston Texans are back on the road this weekend, visiting the Rams in Los Angeles this afternoon.  

Quarterback issues continue to dog the team; three different players have been signed since rookie Deshaun Watson was lost to a season-ending knee injury.  

Current starter Tom Savage struggled last week against Indianapolis and says he knows he needs to improve:

"There was a lot of times the last game where I played it was "my guy - no guy" and that's not how it can be.  I mean we need to go out there, we need to be aggressive, we need to make plays."

But he's still confident he can get the job done:"I do believe that I can throw the ball really well and accurate; and that's never been an issue for me.  I know that I just gotta go out there and do it."  

The Rams have one of the best records in the NFL at 6-2.  Kickoff today is at 3:05PM.

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