State lawmakers want to rethink Texas gun laws

Following the massacre in Sutherland Springs, some Texas lawmakers want to re-think Texas’ gun laws.

The calls are coming from Democrats like State Representative Pancho Nevarez.

“We have this oddity in Texas where you can walk around fully locked and loaded with a rifle and with an AR-15,” Nevarez said this week.

Another Democrat wants gun violence declared a public health issue. One Republican lawmaker Tweeted support for common sense gun laws. State Rep. Dennis Bonnen told KTRH says those lawmakers are ignoring more important issues.

“If you care about the tragedy, then let’s talk about the real issues and let’s talk about the failure to follow the laws that exist today,” Bonnen said.

And that the Open Carry law actually helped stop shooter Devin Kelley.

“There’s a hero in this. That man took advantage of the opportunity to put an end to what this man did,” Bonnen explained, adding that these calls for rethinking Texas gun laws are nothing more than grandstanding.

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