NFL, Texans taking hits over protest

The Texans are on the road this Sunday, but a lot of fans are still talking about the amount of empty seats we saw last Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts.

The small crowd came a week after the Texans players protested owner Bob McNair's reported comments at an NFL owners meeting. Team President Jamey Rootes told KTRH there could be a number of factors for what we saw, including injuries that have decimated the team.

“Players aren’t participating, but still the crowd was there. They are with us for four quarters,” Rootes said, citing the injuries to J.J. Watt and Deshaun Watson while also saying the crowd last week was simply late arriving.

There's a belief by many including political analyst Jacquie Baly that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is pushing the league left with these player protests.

“His lack of action has definitely given fans the impression that he agrees with what the players are doing,” Baly stated.

As for the next Texans home game; that's a week from Sunday against Arizona and Rootes is not expecting a late arriving crowd.

“We will have an opportunity to recognize Andre Johnson as the first member of our Ring of Honor,” Rootes said, adding he expects a full house for that.

But the league is suffering from lower ratings and advertisers like Papa John's have pulled the NFL logo from some of its marketing.

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