Would You Give Up Gifts to Spend Holidays With Family?

When you get together with your relatives for Christmas next month, are you in it for the priceless family bonding and togetherness . . . or are you in it for the presents?  It's okay.  I'm right there with you.

But according to a new survey, 60% of Americans say they'd be willing to give up gifts completely and just spend time with their family.

And 69% say if a family member proposed "no gifts" this year, they'd agree to it.

The survey also found that if people didn't have to buy presents, 47% would save or invest the money . . . 37% would pay down some debt . . . and 25% would pay for activities with their friends or family.

One more thing.  Another survey found that finding good gifts is SO hard that 67% of people say it's easier to cook an entire holiday meal that everyone loves than to find the right gifts for all of them. 

(PR Newswire / Boston Business Journal)

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