Top 10 most and least secure positions

GOBankingRates analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 10 jobs with the most and least security.

1. Wind turbine service technician (median pay: $52,260)

2. Nurse anesthetist, midwife, or practitioner (median pay: $107,460)

3. Physician assistant (median pay: $101,480)

4. Optometrist (median pay: $106,140)

5. Financial adviser (median pay: $90,530)

6. Personal care aide (median pay: $21,920)

7. Physical therapist (median pay: $85,400)

8. Home health aide (median pay: $22,600)

9. Statistician (median pay: $80,500)

10. Operations research analyst (median pay: $79,200)

Career counselor Helen Godfrey said be wary of job "trends".

“When we think about the 1980s, a little bit of HTML could get you an $80,000 a year job. Now, that’ s not the case. So, if you just went in it for the money, long term, it probably would not be a good fit for you,” said Godfrey.

She said jobs on the decline includes manufacturers, travel agents, cashiers, bank tellers and stock managers.

Brick layers, are also probably going to become a thing of the past because right now, there’s a machine that can lay 1,200 bricks per hour, compared to a person which is between three and  500 bricks an hour,” said Godfrey

She added automatic cars might cause taxi drivers to soon be out of a job. In Germany, there's a voluntary milking system in Germany allows cows to go get milked when they feel like it.

Godfrey said go for something you love and that's sustainable for a lifetime.

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