The Future of Football may be in Doubt

Some parents are so concerned about concussions they're not letting their kids play tackle football. The number of kids six to twelve playing football is down in recent years.

Sportstalk 790's Greg Koch is a father and a member of the Green Bay Packers' hall of fame.

"Football teaches you so many life lessons; it teaches you how to get back on your feet after a loss, it teaches you how to be a great teammate -- it teaches you so many things from leadership on down that I would not want to deprive my kids of that."

Koch says kids that want to play higher level football need to play pee wee.

"I think it's a must that you play to learn the game, to learn the proper techniques of whatever position you play and you learn how not to get hurt."

Koch, whose kids are now adults, let his kids play.

"I know they've found CTE in some high school players but I think it's very few and we're so far out from what the actual, true medical science is on this -- no, I would have no hesitation for letting my kids play."

NBC's Bob Costas has said "the game destroys people's brains."

"I don't think Bob Costas played a down of football in his life -- not that he has to -- but he should stick to baseball."

 About a million kids six to twelve play tackle football.

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