Some conservatives say they don’t like GOP tax proposal

The Republican Tax Reform plan is under attack by Democrats, who say it gives the rich a tax break. Some conservative Republicans are also unhappy with the proposal.

One of those conservatives is Fox News columnist Karol Markowicz, who told KTRH it targets small business owners amongst others.

“It doesn’t have a purpose. It doesn’t simplify the tax plan. It doesn’t achieve any conservative goals. It just doesn’t have a point,” she said.

So, if that is really true, and Republicans deny that, then why can't the GOP get it right? Political analyst Jim McGrath says campaigning is one thing. What you do when you win is another.

“It’s the reality of governing. When I look at Donald Trump I don’t see a Republican President. I see a President who put an ‘R’ next to his name,” McGrath stated.

 Elsewhere the Congressional Budget Office, in their scoring of the tax reform plan, said it would add more than a trillion dollars to the country's debt. But plan supporters say the CBO has been wrong before; just look at Obamacare.

KTRH talked with Fox news contributor and Russian-born conservative Brooklynite Karol Markowicz, author of "I'm a conservative and I hate the Republican tax plan" in the New York Post. Reasons: This is a Republican plan that targets people wanting to adopt children, homeowners, small businesses and people with high medical bills.

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