Texans approve all seven Constitutional Amendments

Another Election Day is in the books, and even though it was an off-year election, some important issues did get settled.

In Texas, voters approved all seven constitutional amendments that were on the ballot, including Prop 2, which deals with home equity loans.

“It restructures how they work. It allows for more flexibility for people but it may have some unintentional consequences,” explained University of Houston political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus.

The turnout was extremely low around the state. Less than 5% of eligible Texas voters voted. Part of it, according to Rottinghaus is political fatigue, but Hurricane Harvey factored in, too.

“A lot of people are still recovering, and that has dampened people’s desire to go and vote,” Rottinghaus said.

But he also says that won’t be the case next year in the midterms, where you can expect fireworks as early as the primaries.

“There will be contentious races. I don’t know that any statewide official is in jeopardy of losing their seat, but there has definitely been interparty warfare,” Rottinghaus stated.

Elsewhere, voters in Spring Branch ISD approved an almost 900 million dollar bond proposal

Katy ISD voters approved a 609 million dollar bond.

 And in Houston, voters approved a pension bond that would help shore up funds for city workers

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