Houston ranks 11th in commute times and sixth most stressful

Commute times rank as a top concern among employees when considering a job offer, according to feedback gathered from Robert Half's recruiters.

Our average commute time is about 43 minutes, but it's a stressful drive, according to Robert Half recruiters' Danann Smith.

“We rank up there with the rest of them when you look at the average commute time. Houston has a unique metro area that is spread out across a very vast area,” said Smith.

She said we like to drive our vehicles and that impacts commute time.

“Getting into the hubs of where most of the employers are becomes a challenge, especially when you factor in the fact that we don’t have a lot of METRO transportation, such as the train, or a lot of people don’t even use the METRO bus system,” said Smith.

 She said right now, 290 is the worst because of all the construction. When Katy Freeway was under construction--that used to be what everyone was complaining about.

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