A year after Trump’s win, Democrats still can’t move on

It was one year ago today that Donald Trump shocked the pollsters and analysts by defeating Hillary Clinton and winning the Presidency. And over the last year, those on the left still can’t seem to accept what happened.

It started with some Democrats not attending Trump’s inauguration and continues to this day, with the left fighting Trump over every policy move he wants to make and especially over the Russia investigation. Republican strategist Jessica Colon tells KTRH liberals are stuck in the past.

“The Democrat Party is completely imploding. It has no direction, and no leader. It does have complete infighting,” Colon explained.

Colon points out that it seems like Hillary Clinton is still the leader of the Democratic Party, despite her loss to Trump. In the meantime, while Republicans try to do the work you elected them to do, the Democrats haven’t.

“They’ve done nothing to advance their cause over the last year. They have been stuck on losing,” Colon said.

 And things could get even better for the Republicans if they can pass the proposed tax reform bill, which Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady says they hope to do by the end of the year.

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