U.S. death rate rising

Our population growth is declining because baby boomers are dying and people nowadays aren't having enough children to repopulate the nation.

The CDC estimates that the death rate for the U.S. has risen nearly five percent just since last year. Texas State Demographer Lloyd Potter said more Baby Boomers are dying.

“Improvements in healthcare and in managing chronic disease, is probably not sufficient to outpace the rapid increase that we’re seeing in the aging of the population that’s of the Baby Boom age generation,” said Potter.

He said the declining birth rates are likely driven by a significant reduction in teen pregnancies and women are putting careers before children.

“We’re not reproducing as fast and our growing economy is dependent on having a growing labor force. The net result of that probably will be an increase in demand for labor,” said Potter.

CDC’s data showed an estimated increase in deaths due to the majority of age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, hypertension and strokes in Baby Boomers.

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