Election Day is here

It’s not nearly as controversial as the campaign was a year ago, but today is Election Day across the country.

You may not have heard a lot about it, mainly because this is an off-year election. In Texas there are seven Constitutional Amendments on the ballot today. Cal Jillson with SMU, a political scientist, told KTRH says these aren’t the sexy issues you've voted on in the past.

“These are very small adjustments. Most Texans will have trouble piecing together what is going on,” Jillson explained.

That said there is one amendment that deals with home equity loans that could loosen up access.

Early voting has been going on for the last couple of weeks. But John Oldham the Elections Administrator in Fort Bend County, says turnout wasn't good.

“We only had 11,694 voters in person. That’s the lowest for a November election here since 2011,” Oldham said.

So why was turnout so low?

“I think people are tired of politics. I’ve been involved in this since the 70’s and I’m tired of it,” Oldham joked.

 In fact, statewide we could see just a 5% turnout today. Voting hours are from 7am to 7pm in Harris County.

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