POLL: Segregation in the Cafeteria

A controversial new school lunch program is drawing both praise and ridicule from parents and students.

Hudson High School in Pasco County, Florida is segregating lunch breaks based on student grades.

Those who are on track to graduate receive special perks, like lunch outside the crowded cafeteria and tickets to sporting events.

Administrators at the school north of Tampa are trying to find ways to motivate students who are not keeping up, but critics say they're creating division instead.

To qualify for the incentive, students much have a 2.0-grade point average, pass all their classes, and have fewer than four absences.

Last week a group of students staged a walkout, claiming conditions in the overcrowded cafeteria are unsafe.

Parents have also expressed concerns, saying some students have family emergencies or other issues that keep them from meeting the attendance requirement.

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