Political Correctness Fueling Islamic Fire

Even after last week's terror attack in New York City, the left continues to pussyfoot around the topic of Islamic extremism.

New York's mayor last year scrubbed a police training manual on how good Muslims go bad in order not to offend local Muslims.

The Obama administration did the same thing on the national level.

“Words like Muslim, Jihad, Sharia and Islam were pulled out of the government lexicon in 2008 or '09, you don't see those words in our national security strategy documents,” says John Guandolo, former FBI agent and founder of Understanding The Threat.

Guandolo says the time for political correctness is over.

“The way to not only destroy political correctness, but just to defeat our enemies, is to speak truth boldly about real threats in a factual way that uses language that is very clear,” he says.

He says don't be fooled by those who claim separate teachings of Islamic law.

“When you actually analyze Islamic law, all Islamic law commands war against the non-Muslim community until Sharia is established in the entire land, that's it, there is no other version of Islamic law,” says Guandolo.

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