Mainstream media tries to ignore Brazile revelations

If you're a Bernie Sanders supporter you have good reason to feel cheated. Former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile says while the primaries weren't rigged, Hillary Clinton controlled party finances. All of this should be bombshell news for the national TV networks -- who love scandal when it involves republicans.  But they're not exactly obsessing over this Democratic Party debacle.

Media critic Jeff McCall says partisan democrats control those newsrooms.

"This story just doesn't fit the media narrative that Trump needs to be the focus of the negative machinations of politics."

Professor McCall says this won't change until the media owners determine news credibility affects the bottom line.

"The change is gonna have to come from the leadership of these corporations that own these outlets."

Professor McCall says TV news ratings are down, so maybe they'll get the message.

"The ratings of the major three network newscasts are down and at a certain point, if you wanna get your ratings back up, you gotta be able to show the public that you can treat stores fairly."

Brazile says she considered replacing Clinton with Joe Biden as the Presidential nominee.

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