American Dream making comeback

The American Dream may be back after years of people thinking it had all gone away. That is, if you believe the results of a new poll.

The Pew Research Center now says 82% of you believe you have either achieved the American Dream or are on your way to doing so. Lone Star College economist Hank Lewis explains what today's American Dream really is.

“Having a very low amount of debt and being able to work and make a living in a profession that you actually like,” Lewis stated.

And he says that's a very different definition than we used to have for the American Dream years ago.

“It used to be the dream was to own the house with the picket fence on an acre lot and to be married and have children,” Lewis explained.

And that 82% we mentioned a minute ago? Consider this. Three years ago almost 60% told Pew that the American Dream was unachievable.

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