Rumor Control: Alamo Isn’t Being Taken Over by UN

No, the United Nations is not going to take over the Alamo -- it's a conspiracy theory that has gotten new life because of plans to "re-imagine" the historic site.

Officials plan to make the landmark's surrounding site more reverential and educational about Texas heritage.

But Controversy arose when the Alamo was named a World Heritage Site by the U.N. agency UNESCO.

However, tourism officials say the designation only stands to boost foreign tourism -- not foreign control. The Alamo is being positioned as a bucket-list destination not only among Texans, but the world’s citizens.

Supporters of the “re-imagining” effort for the site say the enhancements stand to boost the Alamo's stature and its appeal.

The U.N. rumors persist, however, so officials continue to promise that  we'll remember the Alamo, not relinquish it.

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