Walmart Looks at Delivery Options

In 2013 retail giant Amazon made arrangement for the United States Postal System to deliver packages to consumers on Sundays, even making next-day delivery options available to the relentlessly late procrastinators.

Walmart is eating their heart out, and is considering a similar arrangement.

The USPS will not comment on any business relationships with their partners, but spokesperson Sam Bolen says mail carriers are ready to respond to their appointed task whatever that may be. “The Postal Service already delivers packages on Sunday in most major cities, and this year mail carriers will probably deliver Christmas Day.”

Walmart is looking at their options, which are rumored to include discussions with Uber.

Deborah Fetterly, a spokesperson with the USPS, says we can expect an uptick in the number of Sunday deliveries by mail carriers after Thanksgiving.

It is time to start thinking of “mail-by” dates for the holidays. USPS has them posted here.

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