Migration Study: Texans Love Texas

Texas tops all other states when it comes to the number of residents who choose to move within the state rather than relocate elsewhere.

LendingTree's year-long study showed roughly 93-percent of Texans who sold their home, did so only to remain in the Lone Star State.

Texas ranked high in three key factors.

"It has a great, growing jobs market, housing affordability is at an all-time high," says spokeswoman Megan Greuling. "And on the taxes part, Texas falls right in the middle."

Greuling says Texas has a little bit of everything, from beaches to desert, hill country to bayous.

"There's a lot of flexibility within the state and I think each of the metropolitan hubs have their own flavor, so you do feel like you're moving to a new place while staying within the state," she says.

"I know a lot of millennials are considering different cities within Texas and then you have the real hot spots like Houston, Dallas and Austin that are really growing in terms of the jobs market."

Michigan and Florida were a close second and third. Vermont had the lowest retention rate.

Florida also remained the top destination state for people who moved.

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