Just 7% Early Voter Turnout in Harris County

Friday is the last day of early voting, and Harris County so far is on pace for a disappointing seven percent turnout.

Clerk Stan Stanart is hoping those attending the Astros celebration will first stop into their nearest early voting center to cast a ballot.

"Without mayor candidates in the city of Houston or council members on the ballot, we have to go back to 2011 when we saw similar turnout," he says.

"We've done significantly more in previous years when we've had a strong mayor race and a number of council members on the ballot in our off-year November elections, because they went to the four-year terms now instead of two-year terms."

Just because there are no major political candidates on the ballot, it doesn't mean this election won't affect you.

"There is lots of bond money on the ballots, and of course constitutional amendments are on the ballot too," says Stanart. "The whole sample ballot is nine tabloid pages long, so that's why it's important to go harrisvotes.com and look up your own personal ballot which will be under a page typically."

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