In Love With Your Mother’s Eyes?

Do you have a special fondness when you think of your mom’s eyes, and does that make you want to marry someone with her eye color?

That sure seems like a non sequitur. A new study by Glasgow University finds there is an oedipal element in mate selection revolving around eye color. Heterosexual men, they conclude, as well as homosexual women, are looking for a life partner with the same eye color their mother had. And vice versa with the dads. Jamie Rose, a Houston matchmaker and proprietor of Rose Matchmaking, isn’t buying it. “I definitely say it’s hogwash,” she tells KTRH News.

Rose says her experience informs her that most people are looking for someone who interests compliment their own. “For the most part I find that opposites attract but they don’t necessarily stay together,” she says, using as an example a fit person who often looks for someone who shares their interest in exercise and activity, or foodies looking for foodies.

If you’re looking for mom’s eyes color…that’s just odd.

“As far as the eye color goes, I personally haven’t run in to that,” says Rose diplomatically. “I’ve never sought out someone specifically because of an eye color. I don’t know if that rings true,” she says.

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