If Facebook makes You miserable, do something about it

Studies show using Facebook makes us miserable, but don't blame the social network. Experts say you're in charge of your happiness and there are ways to avoid negativity.

Kami Huyse is founder of Zoetica and the Social Media Breakfast of Houston.

"We look at negative things and we remember them much more than say positive things; in fact there's some research that shows you need five positive interactions to counteract one negative one."

Huyse says Facebook has settings to address this -- use 'em!

"Something's really driving you crazy like your cranky next door neighbor talking about the candidate that's not of your choice, you can mute them for a while and you don't have to see all those posts."

But Huyse says muting doesn't have to be permanent.

"You don't have to unfriend somebody to mute them for a little while; you can unmute them any time you want, so get past that political season and turn 'em back on."

Huyse says Facebook would prefer you see positive things, like pics of friends and family and pets. But the primitive part of our brains often seeks out negativity.

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