Extra Security Planned for Astros Celebration

Following this week's terror attack in New York, Houston police are taking every precaution at Friday's World Series victory parade and rally downtown.

Police Chief Art Acevedo says Astros fans can expect to see a large police presence patrolling the parade route and rally site.

"You're going to see us be much more visible, we may be a lot more visible in terms of the type of armor we're going to be wearing and weapons we're going to be carrying because we need to be able stop any threats," he said.

"Avoid bringing a lot of big backpacks and things of that nature, just bring water and yourself."

With a half million Astros fans expected to converge on downtown, Fire Chief Sam Pena says first responders will rely heavily on the public to keep the parade route safe.

"We need the public to be enjoying themselves, but we also need them to be part of the security effort," said Pena.

"If you see somebody sitting in a large vehicle or truck that doesn't appear to have a reason, they're not loading or unloading, they don't appear to have a purpose to be there, call 911," Acevedo added. "If in doubt, call 911."

Officials also are urging fans to take advantage of METRORail's park-and-rides to get into and out of downtown.

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