Study: Few Concealed Carry Holders Exercise Their Right

A new survey reveals about three million Americans carry a loaded handgun with them on a daily basis.

Some might see it as an eye-popping number about guns in America, but gun rights advocates say the numbers are actually disappointing.

"Of 14 million or so handgun license holders, only three million of them actually exercise that right and carry on a daily basis," says Emily Taylor, an attorney for Texas Law Shield.

The survey also revealed another nine million license holders carry their weapon at least once a month.

"I would hope those are the people who would carry their guns every day, who would be there as the sheep dogs to help lookout for those who either cannot or choose not to carry," says Taylor. "But it would appear from the study that's actually a very low percentage of handgun license holders who would carry daily."

The most common gun carriers are young men in the South, raised in gun-owning homes.

Taylor takes issue with the study's author trying to connect behavior of licensed gun owners to the number of firearm crimes committed across the nation, "which I think is a really misleading conclusion, and correlation is not causation."

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