Open enrollment kicks off today

Today is the start of open enrollment for health insurance coverage for next year under Obamacare.

There are some changes this time around. For instance the enrollment period ends on December 15th rather than January. For Obamacare critics like Drew White at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, today is not a day that he looks forward to.

“It’s sort of an unhappy occasion in a lot of ways. It’s a painful reminder of where we are as a country,” White said.

And where we are at is that our premiums keep going up, something White says at some point Congress has to address by doing what they promised; repealing and replacing Obamacare.

“Premiums are already slated to increase 30% next year. Congress is not just going to be able to walk away from this,” White stated.

There were two attempts at getting rid of the Affordable Care Act this year, but both failed, including the 'skinny repeal' bill that hinged on the 'No' vote of Arizona Senator John McCain. White wants lawmakers to try again, and keep trying until they get something done.

“What we are telling people on Capitol Hill is this. Once you move past tax reform, you need to immediately craft a new budget resolution with instructions on repealing Obamacare and you gotta get back at it,” White explained.

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