Zombie employees every day, not just Halloween

Everyday might be Halloween for "zombie employees".

Only a third of workers are fully engaged. Workplace Culture Expert Jerry Acuff said 54% are not engaged and 17% have totally checked out.

“Fundamentally, these are people who believe they have no future at the company. They’re going through the motions. They feel like they have a thankless job,” said Acuff.

He said

He saH it's leadership's job to create a culture where people feel like they have a future and can be developed.

“So, if you don’t create a company with a culture where people have hope, then you’re going to have people that are walking around like the walking dead, which is exactly what’s going on here,” said Acuff.

He said only one third of employees are engaged at their job because they feel hopeful and excited about learning and be developed.

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