Potential ISIS Attacks in Caribbean Islands

As ISIS slowly loses power in Iraq and Syria, threats all around the world begin to increase. especially in popular vacation sites, like the Caribbean Islands.

There's always been a threat of Islamic terrorism is the Caribbean islands, but the rise of ISIS in that area has a lot of people concerned.

a Caribbean official says it's not a matter of if ISIS will attack, but when.

Jeff Addicott, the director of the center for terrorism law, says tourists are right to be vigilant, but there's no need to postpone that cruise.

“Yes be concerned, but I wouldn’t cancel that trip. These cruise ships have a lot of security and they realize they are targets. And they’re taking every step they can to ensure the safety of the people” says Addicott.

Addicott says tourist destinations have always been high on the list for potential terrorist attacks ... But adds that the CIA and FBI work around the clock to keep the tourists and the locals safe.

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