Texans protest McNair comment; lose to Seahawks

The Houston Texans made waves before the kickoff of yesterday’s game at Seattle.

Many players on the team took a knee during the National Anthem to protest comments reportedly made by owner Bob McNair during the NFL meetings when he talked about the "inmates running the prison." Cornerback Kevin Johnson was one of the players kneeling.

“We’re a family. We came together as a team and wanted to send a message. I’m going to stand by my brothers,” Johnson said.

Rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson defended the decision by his teammates to take a knee.

“Can’t judge anyone for their beliefs. People have to make their own decisions. We are all grown men,” Watson explained.

The protest sparking debate on social media and debate amongst Texans fans around the city.

“I’m not surprised,” one fan told our television partner, Channel 2. “The divisions in life right now are clear. It’s clear there’s a difference.”

As for the game, despite four touchdown passes, Watson also threw three interceptions in the 41-38 loss to Seattle.

“You live and learn from it,” Watson stated.

The Texans are 3-4 and will host the Colts next Sunday.

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