Universe shouldn’t exist

There is no scientific explanation as to why the world exists. Scientists are now reporting The universe shouldn't exist.

Rice physicist Paul Padley said we don't know why the universe isn't destroying itself

Scientists have admitted: clearly there's something wrong with their theories. He said there's no explanation why the world is made of strictly matter.

“When we look at the universe, we just don’t find anti-matter in any great quantities, but all our physics theories say we should have as much anti-matter as there is matter,” said Padley.

“With the creation, there should've been a big bang...that would've created equal amounts of matter and anti-matter...which explodes into energy,” said Padley. “So, you would’ve expected the universe to annihilate itself, if there’d been the same amount of matter and anti-matter. So, there’s been some sort of imbalance that’s caused the matter to dominate the universe. And how that comes about, we don’t know.”

While there's lots of theories, nothing has been verified in an experiment.

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