Spring Woman Scammed Out Of $2K On Fake World Series Tickets

A woman in Spring, Texas was scammed out of $2K for fake World Series Game 3 tickets. 

After searching and researching ticket sites online like StubHub and Craigslist, she settled on the cheapest priced tickets on Craigslist, agreeing on meeting the seller downtown near Minute Maid Park. She was so excited she posted about the find on her personal Facebook page. 

She even invited family members to the game as a surprise. However, when they arrived, the tickets didn't scan. Management told her the tickets were missing 2 additional numbers on the tickets. 

She immediately called the seller, to no avail. Turns out the phone number was also on a system commonly used by scammers. 

The woman called the police to file a report, but likely won't recover her $2K anytime soon. Police do warn game goers that if you believe you've been sold fake tickets, call, 713.884.3131. or file a report online at HoustonPolice.org.

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