How many Texans don’t speak English at home?

The Census Bureau has released new numbers from a survey revealing just how many people across the country speak a language other than English at home. The results are predictable.

Texas is second in the country behind only California with 35.6 percent of people speaking a language at home that's not English. We are also second with those speaking English 'less than very well' at 14%. David Ray with the Federation for American Immigration Reform told KTRH the numbers could be off.

“It could be higher. This is based on an estimate,” Ray said.

And he says there is a way to make sure this trend turns around.

“Moving to a merit based system for selecting legal immigrants that would put an emphasis on their ability to speak English and their level of education. Both are huge assets in the assimilation process,” Ray explained.

 Across the country almost 22% speak a language other than English at home with almost another 9% speaking it 'less than very well.'

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