POLL: Winds of change blowing in G-O-P

The winds of change seem to be blowing in the Republican Party these days.

So called 'establishment' Republicans like Jeff Flake of Arizona have decided not to seek re-election next year.

This gives the party a chance to fill those seats with Republicans more in line with Donald Trump’s agenda. Galveston Republican Robin Armstrong, who used to be the Vice Chairman of the Texas G-O-P, welcomes the fresh blood.

“We could actually see a resurgence of the Republican Party where we can be extremely successful for the next two decades. That’s what we are looking for. We are looking for a movement,” Armstrong explained.

But he admits there is the chance this could backfire and control of Congress could switch to Democrats.

“That’s always a risk, but as long as we get good, strong Conservative candidates, I think those folks will be fine,” Armstrong stated.

Senator Flake is following in the footsteps of Tennessee’s Bob Corker, another vocal Trump critic, who decided not to seek re-election. It also comes in the wake of former White House advisor Steve Bannon returning to Breitbart and promising to find candidates to run against Republicans that are not pro-Trump.

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